Producing factory with modern equipments 

Every crocodile skin is made with the highest quality respecting to the European Standard. The recipes, formula and dye chemicals are originated from Italia.

Moreover, we imported the most modern machine Italprogetti from Italia with the desire of producing and providing the best products with the highest quality to our beloved customers.

Professional and experienced staff

In addition, with many decades of producing and development, we have a dedicated, professional and experienced staff. Our staff also usually trained by Italian specialists in order to improve skills and update new techniques over the world.

Ricco producing ability and our commitments

Ricco Vietnam commits to provide a mass of products and orders from domestic and international enterprises. Our company is currently officially associated with Ton Phat Crocodile Farm  (built in 1987) in Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh. This farm is considered as a “freshwater crocodile farm” in the top crocodile providers in Vietnam – which always ensures to supply a large amount of fresh crocodile skin with CITES standard. 


The leading unit in exporting the high quality crocodile skins to the international market

We are proud of being the leading unit in exporting the 1st-class crocodile skins to world, including largest markets like France, Russia, China, Turkey, etc. Our products are always certified by the CITES certificate, which indicates our quality and our respect to The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. That shows our quality and the transparency in producing and distributing products from crocodiles skins at Ricco Vietnam

Distributing high-class and luxury clothes and accessories from Crocodiles Skins

Beside distributing the raw crocodile skins, we also develop the business of producing products from crocodiles skins, for instance, wallets, pulses, shoes, bags, etc for all genders.

Our products are highly recommended and appreciated because of the special and unique design.